Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hayes the Hurricane

OK Hayes has just been in to everything these days.  He is so curious, and with that he is pulling apart drawers and anything he can THROW.  Aunt Jessica has nick named him "Hayes the Hurricane"  Oh we cannot wait to see what you get in to next!

These stinkin magazines

Do you even want to know?!?! hahahah

This looks like a good place to sit

Who needs diapers anyway?!?!? 

Our First Year

Its a Saturday work day on Hayes' first birthday party and as I'm planning I'm reminiscing on our first year with our precious 'not so baby anymore' boy.  He has brought nothing but joy, laughter, and memories to our family and we truly wish we could just "freeze frame time".  I just thought I'd share some of our highlight moments of this year.  Stay tuned for next month when Hayes turns ONE and we celebrate with our Hole in ONE birthday party.

Instant LOVE

 First learning to sit up by himself

 Oh Hayes and those SMILES... if you know Hayes you know he is ALWAYS smiling ;)

 Mommy and these silly hats

Hayes Loves to read before bed


 My first Halloween as a Pumpkin

 This year he didn't mind Santa Clause oh but we are looking forward to this year's picture.. haha

 Just learning how to stand up by myself

 Hayes loves to make laps up and down the couch

 and the enfamous Poops!

 Silly Bath Moments

 Figuring out there are TOYS in the crib

 Started sitting up in the crib

 I LOVE my walker

 STILL that smile that melts my heart

We have a CRAWLER

Boys will be Boys

They always look so peaceful

Hayes loves to just sit and look out the window... He will do this for hours

We love messy dinner nights

BUT Hayes loves going out to eat!

Our little golfer :)

We have had so much fun this year we CANNOT wait to see what God has in store for Hayes in his second year!  Stay tuned.....